The Scientific Education Division at QGP represents the programme within the research community and to the public. It aims to raise the general awareness of QGP to promote trust and acceptance for the programme by advocating its goals through media outlets, and through the development of educational and promotional material that keeps the nation both involved and updated.

The aims are achieved by developing a series of educational and training courses on aspects of genomics research relevant to the population of Qatar, both at school and university levels, to prepare the current and the future generations for the era of Precision Medicine. QGP Scientific Education interconnects with similar programmes, research institutes, scientists and researchers around the world, to guarantee that QGP is always using topmost erudite technologies and methodologies, to plan a better health care for the people of Qatar, and put Qatar on the international map of Precision Medicine.

The division additionally liaises with policies and regulations official representatives, to assure that all processes, activities, and actions are compliant to the highest legal and ethical standards.


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