Genome Heroes!

Learn about the cell, treat a sick pet, unveil the reasons of mutations! It is the world of Genome Heroes.

About the game

“Genome Heroes” bring our beloved characters Dana and Khalid to you, to take the children on an exciting journey in the world of the DNA.

Stemming from a glocalized approach, the beautiful graphics and the engaging story introduce the players to the cells, the DNA, heredity, and they can even fix mutations!

We welcome our future scientists!

Game Details:

  • 12 unique story missions available in Arabic and English
  • Beautiful and colorful art style and is very suitable for children
  • Create your own special Avatar
  • Unique and challenging mini-games to learn about genetics while stimulating your brain
  • Collect 64 cute pets as you progress on the journey in the genomic world
  • Surprise tasks and rewards on special day events

Learning outcomes:

  • Increase awareness of genome science in a fun and interactive way
  • Build the knowledge base for children, in easy sequential steps, introducing one simple concept at a time, and building on it
  • Cultivate the next generation of scientists and researchers

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"The marvelous genome world awaits, embark on a journey with the Genome Heroes"

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