A publication steering working group has been formed by QGP to coordinate efforts by local researchers and their international collaborators working on analysing the data coming from the thousands of whole genomes being sequenced. The group aims to lead the way for publishing the analysis results in high impact journals, which will give QGP more visibility on the international genomic medicine scene. The group has also formed a “QGP consortium” including all scientists working on the project, with members representing the main stakeholders. The consortium will work as one team with all other partner researchers to assure the delivery of the goals of the QGP strategy.

QGP identified research areas that were divided into 3 tiers. Areas in tiers 1 and 2 were pre-defined by the Publication working group, while tier 3 will be on an open-enrollment basis driven by subject-specific proposals going forward. QGP received a large number of applications submitted by local investigators to ‘lead’ publications falling within the 3 tiers. Of those, 14 Lead Principal Investigators (PIs) were selected for the areas identified in tiers 1 and 2. Those PIs were asked to form their teams with an emphasis on fostering nationwide representation in each team by inviting researchers from local stakeholder institutions to contribute to papers in which they have subject-matter expertise.