In a collaboration between Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) and Qatar Genome, an annual grant under the name Pathway Towards Precision Medicine (PPM) was launched in 2015 to encourage local researchers working on genomics. The large number of high quality proposals submitted in this inaugural year was clear evidence of the success of this initiative. Qatar Genome continues to contribute to the PPM awards both administratively and financially.


This grant has supported experts and researchers in genomics and genetics working at research facilities inside Qatar, as well as integrated healthcare programmes, all of which represent fundamental components designed to pave the path toward precision medicine.

PPM is now in its 4th Cycle, which aims to support research that benefits from the genomic data in understanding disease phenotype/genotype correlations, translating research findings into medical products for better healthcare quality and promoting engagement of healthcare providers and community in Qatar towards a better understanding of precision medicine, with the following focus areas:

1. Immunogenomics and precision immunotherapeutic approach.

2. Clinical implementation of pharmacogenomics.

3. Multi-omics analysis of common chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders and cancer.

4. Precision medicine digital e-solutions and applications.