Qatar Genome takes center stage at the Festival of Genomics London 2017

festival of Genomics

The Festival of Genomics (London January 31st - February 1st , 2017) is an international conference that brings together academia, biopharma and healthcare together to explore the power of the genome in driving R&D and the diagnosis and treatment of disease into the future.

Realizing the prodigious impact Qatar Genome Programme is anticipated to have on R&D in the region and its contribution to the international understanding of precision medicine, this year, the Festival highlighted QGP as one of the main reasons why scientists and researchers from around the globe should attend the festival, stating: “We’ll be offering a glimpse into the Qatar Genome Programme - a large-scale, high impact project that’s just completed its pilot phase.”

The Festival is an important event that aims to help bringing the benefits of genomics to patients, faster. People from research, industry (drug development and diagnostics) and healthcare all meet together to listen to interesting talks delivered by world class speakers, see what advancements are out there, discuss collaborations and network with more than 1500 attendees and speakers.

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