QGP Handling Genomic Data Symposium - Day 1

Adrian Lee from University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute on the Clinical Use of Genomic Data
Alexander Lazar from Anderson Cancer Center on Next Generation Sequencing
Audience of day one
Audience on day one
Audience session 3
Carsten Bergmann from Bioscientia on NGS Approaches
Clara Gaff from Melbourne Genomics on Implementing Genomcis into Clinical Care
Edward Farmer from WuXiNextCODE on Population Genomics
Joaquin Garcia from Mayo Clinic on Genetic Testing
Jurgi Camblong from Sophia Genetics on Data deriven Medicine
Martin Reese from Omicia on WGS Interpretation
Networking during the exhibition
Opening Remarks by Prof. Victor Dzau National Academy Of Medicine USA
Panel of session 2 Whole Genome Sequencing
Panel on Clinical Interpretation and Integration into Healthcare
Panelists of Session 1 Day 1
Panelists on Whole Genome Sequencing
Part of the audience
Part of the exhibition
Peter Bauer from Centogene on Getting to Clinical Answers
Ping Fang From WuXiNextCODE on NGS Diagnostics
Q&A by the audience
Q&A on session 2
Qatar Genome and Qatar Biobank Booth
Registration on Day 1
Said Ismail from Qatar Genome Opening
Tim Bonnert from QIAGEN on NGS Bioinformatics
Tim Hubbard from Genomics England on The 100000 Genomes Project
VIP Audience
Yoshihide Hayashizaki from Riken on FANTOM Omics