Qatar Genome Programme: Coming of Age



Qatar Genome Programme (QGP) was featured in a keynote presentation at the “Functional Genomics Symposium” organized by Sidra Medicine highlighting the latest research advancements in the field of genomics.


Prof. Asmaa Al-Thani, Chairperson of the National Qatar Genome Committee, addressed the audience during this presentation entitled "Qatar Genome Programme: Coming of Age". Her talk highlighted the milestones QGP has accomplished in the last two years, in its mission to put Qatar on the international map of precision medicine.

QGP has accomplished so much in the past two years, we have launched the largest genomic research consortium of its kind with more than 90 researchers, to study the 6500 whole genomes that we have sequenced, furthermore, we enabled researchers from local institutes with funds and data through the Path Towards Personalized Medicine Grants”.


The talk also showcased how Qatar Genome is building human capacity, by the continuous internships for students and healthcare professionals, as well as the new graduate programs in Genomic Medicine and Genetic Counseling that QGP has initiated with local universities.


 As for the future plans, Prof. Asmaa explained: “ We are working on a partnership with Hamad Medical Corporation and Weill Cornell Medicine Qatar to create the first Qatari Gene Chip,”

She added “QGP is curating a Genome Hub, where all the research networks we created, funded and supported, come together with the policies and regulations that are being placed, alongside the various trainings we conduct for healthcare professionals on Genomic Medicine, in conjunction with the graduate programs we initiated, this all will lead to clinical implementation”.