The two-week internship titled ‘Genome Interpretation: from Sequencing to Counseling’ is designed to enhance the knowledge of healthcare providers with the latest genome issues related to the medical sector. The initiative aims develop the skills of interns in genomics to help them understand the future of precision medicine, with Qatar being one of the pioneering nations in this area. The course included an in-depth discussion on a number of issues from genome data, genomic reports, and some clinical issues related to precision medicine.

The interns were a group of resident physicians and nurses at Hamad Medical Corporation, as well as biomedical graduates and pharmacists from Qatari universities.


  • Spread Genomic knowledge among healthcare professionals.
  • Demonstrating how genomic medicine will involve every medical descipline in the near future.
  • Engage the future healthcare professionals in career paths related to genomic medicine, to provide vital manpower for the Qatari job market.

2017 Genome Interpretation: from Sequencing to Counseling   - Gallery

Dr Mai AbdulAziz on QGP Summer Internship 2017
Dana Alkahalifa on QGP Summer Internship 2017