The internship is designed to help interns improve their teamwork, communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills, and give them a comprehensive insight of the genomic national programme scene in Qatar.

A call for internship opportunities was advertised with partnering universities in Qatar, then the interns are selected to participate based on their education background, research interests, and practical experiences.

The internship was conducted over three to four weeks, where leading scientists and researchers - from QGP team and other partner institutes - deliver lectures, present case studies, and design interactive projects that help the interns become actively involved in real time cases.


The internship is aimed at helping the Interns:

  • Find the unique opportunity to take their potential career plan for a test drive, hoping that they will develop an interest in genomic research and precision medicine.
  • Find creative ways to further develop and pursue their interests; which is why the programme usually takes interns from different colleges and universities.
  • Gain valuable understanding of the QGP and its plans in improving  healthcare in Qatar.

2016 Internship Gallery

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