Qatar Genome Programme serves as the national platform at which all local stakeholders can meet and contribute to the programme in a way that would make maximum use of resources and prevent duplication of efforts.

In a collaboration between QGP, Qatar Biobank QBB and the Ministry of Public Health, ethico-legal guidelines were drafted to govern genomic research in Qatar.  The document constitutes a national umbrella for all related activities in genomics in Qatar.  

Furthermore, Qatar Biobank QBB formulated a systematic procedure for regulating research on its data and samples, to assure the security, and that all research conducted is of the highest standards, and is only for the advancement of scientific and medical research, and to improve health and health services.

QBB has a list of Research Focus Areas, to which data and samples can be applied for certain research purposes, these applications to access Qatar Biobank biological samples and data must start with submitting the Qatar Biobank sample request form, along with a few other documents:

  • Data Use Agreement.
  • Material Transfer Agreement.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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