QGP conducted a Health Care Professional survey (HCP) by contracting the services of the Social and Economic Survey Research Institute (SESRI) of Qatar University to conduct a web-survey to gauge health care professionals’ knowledge and attitudes towards genetic research. The survey was conducted in the clinical units in HMC including paediatric and adult medicine, the women hospital, the heart hospital and the NCCR (Al Amal hospital).

The survey showed that less than one half (47.5%) of physicians were willing to adopt a genome-guided decision support aid in their practice with regards to the phrase “to a great extent”.  Physicians reported that they were most likely to adopt a genome-guided prescribing decision support aid if it made sense to them.

These results help to understand the perception of the clinicians as well as their willingness to use and help incorporate genomic medicine in healthcare. It will also help in the need analysis for the educational programs planned by QGP.